Welcome to MalWiki!

MalWiki is the final evolution (for a year or so, anyway) of my worldbuilding pages. In the past, I would tend to put up webpages for various projects and then ignore the pages while the material built up. Frankly, it was easier for me to create new worlds than it was to update the pages for all the old ones.

And so, I’ve finally been seduced by wikiality. In theory, updating MalWiki with new content will be easier than screwing around with importing stuff to html, then uploading it. While the wiki isn’t following the exact same page design as the rest of Discordian Sky, I’m okay with that. My 1337 web-design skillz are far behind me anyway, and I just can’t be arsed to screw around with fifty different CSS templates anyfuckingway. It’s got the right background images, that’s more than good enough.


One nice thing about using a wiki for my material is it’ll allow me to experiment with collaborative works some. Obviously the majority of the stuff stored here is going to be mine, but allowing others to play around a little in my sandbox and add their perspectives should be interesting. Not every project will be open to collaboration - they’ll be marked as such on the master list below.

Speaking of which, enough of this prattling, time to get to what you came here for.

Worlds Enough

For me, worldbuilding is almost a nervous habit. I do it mostly when I’m bored at work and can’t focus enough on any of my ongoing projects to gain traction. Beyond that, I really enjoy getting into the nuts and bolts of an world, seeing how they work and how I can break them to make it more entertaining. Over time, I’ve built up enough notes and bits and whatnot that, while they rarely form a complete setting, are interesting enough for me to share with you guys.

Current Projects

AEGIS of Stars: AEGIS of Stars is designed to be a future history of the Jihad Universe, but the new project takes off from where the Jihad’s RP group has already played and goes in altogether new directions from there. I’m also hoping to retain a more pulpy feel to the universe as opposed to the cosmic directions that IAS went in, especially as I advanced the timeline. AoS is all about 21st/22nd Century Doc Savage, Batman and Hellboy fighting eldritch horrors out on the edge of the interstellar frontier. It’s also about how the events of the JU roleplay affect the rest of the world, and the way society adapts to the strange and unusual after being mundane for so long. (Semi-collaborative, currently in progress.)

The Pridwen Institute: In a world where President Paul Wellstone is trying to keep the US on an even keel through the rocky shoals of modern geopolitics, supernatural threats to the general public are dealt with by a special force of 3,330 individuals, each chosen for their unique talents. This is the Pridwen Institute, the result of a thought experiment on how I’d rebuild the Jihad to Destroy Barney and its setting from first principles. It’s designed to be vaguely pulpy supernatural action-horror-comedy on the fringes of society. Think Ghostbusters played a bit more straight or Conspiracy X played for camp. Plus there’s Antarctic Space Nazis! (Semi-collaborative, in pre-production.)

Tales From the Lucky Bastard: In the not-too-distant future, a mad scientist figures out how to break the light barrier using common household items. He goes out, explores a little, meets some friendly aliens, brings them home to meet the folks, and after all that puts the blueprints for his FTL drive out on the Internet. It’s three years later, and the Common Man is heading out into space. This is a default setting for a group of American & Canadian expat PCs (based on yours truly and his friends) working as freelancers on the new frontier, when they’re not busy drinking down at Alpha Centauri’s oldest (established last Tuesday!) and finest spaceport saloon, the Lucky Bastard. (Collaboritive, in pre-production.)

The Imperial American States: I’ve been working on this one in one version or another since around 1999, when I started a little thought experiment on what might happen in the future history of the Jihad to Destroy Barney the Dinosaur. Since then, the IAS universe exploded into a quasi-transhumanist science fiction universe, heavily influenced by authors like Grant Morrison and Adam Warren. The setting stretches across 8,000 years of history and a good chunk of the Milky Way, detailing the transformation of humanity from a gang of primitives into one of the Great Powers of the galaxy. I’ve never written any formal stories in it, but it has a way of inspiring others. (On indefinate hiatus.)


These are little one-shot world ideas, usually just short blurbs for interesting concepts that I come up with at work because I’m bored and need to focus on something other than the job. Most of the brainworms end up in my LiveJournal, but I’ve decided that the ones worth expanding a little (or letting trusted users play with) are going to get archived here for posterity’s sake.

Transhuman Denver: Whither the Mile High City at the end of the 21st century? Transhuman Denver is a city expansion for GURPS Transhuman Space, taking a look at where the capital of Colorado (and by extension, the Front Range and the rest of the state) are in the Fifth Wave USA. The core of this one is actually sitting over in my writing page, something I abandoned a long time ago when the mojo ran out. The mojo... isn’t there just yet, but I’m opening it up for additions as people think of stuff. (Collaborative, in production.)

TransFandom Space: Another riff on THS. This one drives into a bit more unsusal territory, though. Suppose that the general lack of interest in space exploration and colonization we see today extends through the development of cheap access to space. In this situation, it’s up to the only people with the drive and vision to settle the planets: science fiction fandom. (Collaborative, in production.)

Other Worlds

The projects hosted here aren’t the sole sum of my worldbuilding output. Oh no. Not in the least. Other projects that I’ve started or contributed to...

Fenspace! is something I started almost entirely by accident by posting a slightly-altered version of the TransFandom Space brainworm to the Drunkard’s Walk Message Board. What spawned from that innocent little posting is an impressive near-future space opera where the fans are colonizing the solar system. I am humbly proud. (In progress)

The Jihad to Destroy Barney the Purple Dinosaur is the oldest project I’ve ever been part of, having joined in 1995 and been with it all the way to the current date. Somewhere along the way I’ve become the go-to guy for all sorts of obscure historical details. The Jihad’s currently in the middle of the Jihad Universe 3.0 campaign, of which I am the de facto GM. Go figure. (In progress)

The Shining Spiral is a collaborative anime/sf fanfic universe in the vein of fell & terrible fanfic series like Undocumented Features. The project (which doesn’t have a stable webpage at the moment, sorry) has generated a few dozen unfinished stories and a fair amount of secondary material in the form of maps and the like. (On indefinite hiatus)

Macross SEED is another anime fanfic project I’ve gotten attached to, mainly in the form of a “re-imagining” of the classic anime Super Dimensional Fortress Macross ala Gundam SEED. My contributions have been mainly in the realm of trying to keep things grounded in halfway-realistic astrophysics and engineering. (On indefinite hiatus)

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