AEGIS of Stars

For Long-Time Viewers Who Just Came In: The indexing of the AEGIS pages has been changed, in an attempt to simplify the navigation and remove excess twee on the part of the Author. Thank you. -The Mgt.


Introduction - a meta explanation of sources, themes, history, that sort of thing.

History - An as-comprehensive-as-we-can-get history of the AEGIS world up to the beginning of the 23rd century, the setting’s default now.

Places - Where everything is, on at least a world-by-world basis.

People - The movers and shakers of the AEGIS world.

Polities - Nations and other large organizations in the setting.

Ideas - The memescape; politics, religion, science and culture.

In The Shadow of the Hand - A JU3 spinoff project, an oral history of the Third World War.

Notes Toward A Future History - Archived LiveJournal posts with the stream of consciousness that spawned much of the AEGIS setting.

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