The Imperial American States

The IAS began as a possible future of my other Great Project, the Jihad to Destroy Barney the Purple Dinosaur. I hadn’t intended for it to become the de facto future for the Jihad Universe, but as the setting grew more detailed I found that some of the details kept slipping into mainstream JU fiction... and not by me, either. Very strange if you think about it too much.

Anyway. I designed the IAS originally as a Space Opera with added High Weirdness. The nature of its follow-up role to the Jihad meant that it had to be weird, on the fringes if not immediately in your face, and the space opera elements come from my lifelong love of a good space opera. This was followed by elements of writers like Grant Morrison, whose extremely High Weird superhero work (particularly DC 1,000,000) inspired a lot of the far future stuff in the IAS timeline. The same goes for Adam Warren’s comics - the guy knows his future shock.

The original version of the IAS was even stranger than the one currently available. In the first draft, the final battle between the Jihad and Barney caused massive earthquakes that ended up sinking - literally! - most of the midwestern United States, creating an inland sea the size of the Mediterranean right down the center of North America. I admit, I liked this bit and kept it around for a long time, but in the end plausibility won out over “cool!” and I dropped the concept. The original draft didn’t have the Atlantean colonies, though, so the law of conservation of weird was obeyed throughout the construction process.

Officially, this setting is now on hiatus, and I’m expecting it to be that way for a long while to come. My focus is now on the next IAS revision and the Jihad Universe 3.0, along with any of a dozen other projects that wander by my field of view (to say nothing of real life stuff), so this project should be considered mostly dead. Any updates or changes in status will be duly reported on the main page.


Okay, enough of my nattering. Here’s what you’ll find on the IAS pages:

Historical Breakdown: The breakdown provides a rough idea of the span of the IAS timeline, and how that span is broken down into particular ages and eras by historians of the Future. There’s not a huge amount of content on the breakdown page, but it should give you an idea of how big this universe was designed to be.

Timeline: The timeline is the core of the IAS setting. My dogged determination to do a year by year accounting of every major happening from 2000 to 2100 - along with the monthly play-by-play of the Great Conference of 2178 - informs every other part of the setting. The timeline ended up bogging down a bit once I got past 2100, and I admit that I failed to create more than a few snippets past the 22nd Century, but sometimes you’ve just got to roll with what you’ve got.

Civnet: The civnet entries are actually where this whole thing started. I wrote a handful of them as a one-off for how the Jihad to Destroy Barney would be viewed in the “deep future” and the concept ended up sticking in my mind. So, for your enjoyment, here are all the collected civnet entries.

Snapshots: The snapshots were a bit of a thought exercise I did for the Art of Worldmaking community on LiveJournal. To wit, I created a series of futuristic images in Bryce 5, then wrote up a little slice of life flavor text to explain what life was like in the 71st Century. I consider this particular experiment to be one of my more impressive successes in worldmaking... although the community did complain a little about the several days of relentless image-spamming. Oh well.

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