The worldbuilding section (a.k.a. MalWiki) contains the fruits of Mal's world creation projects. Live projects include the near-future science fantasy space opera setting Fenspace and the pulp science fiction adventure world Aegis.

The Gallery features a selection of Mal's better semi-professional 3D and 2D artwork.

The Writing Page contains stories & other assorted nonsense written by Mal since his debut on the internets in 1995. Mal's not proud of much of what's on this page, but is too much of a completist to let it sink down the memory hole.

Discordian Sky Press has the real fruits of Mal's long years as a journalism undergrad; nicely-typeset PDFs of Internet fiction. This is what four and a half years of college gets you, kids!

Like many other sad Internet creatures, Mal has a LiveJournal. Also available here on the front page. Updated once every blue moon.

Your Genial Host

Sean "Malaclypse-3" Breen is a ronin writer/editor, graphic designer and overall slacker living in the Denver metro area.

At one point or another during his existence, he's been an author, game designer, playwright, actor, occultist, conspiracy theorist, UFO hunter, political activist, blogger, gadfly (though we repeat ourselves --The Mgt.) disk jockey, radio talk show host, Internet historian and comedian. He also holds a fully-ordained ministry in the Universal Life Church - obtained in a moment of weakness in college - and is a Discordian Pope. (Of course, everybody's a Discordian Pope, so that's not as impressive as it sounds. --The Mgt.)

Mal is a creature of the Internet, and roams the web like a demented cross between Kwai-Chang Caine and Diogenes. Legends say that his travels have a grim purpose and the day he finds his objective the Net will fall.

The poor, doomed bastard is also on Facebook.

Mal's Personal Journal