Print Projects

One of the things I really enjoy is the art of print layout. The subtle beauty of typesetting, creating a polished, professional work, etc.

Nobody's willing to pay me for any of this - yet 0 so I do it as a hobby. And because I like to share, here's a collection of some of my best print work to date.

The Discordian Sky Press Library

The Jihad to Destroy Barney Roleplaying Game and Writer's Guide
Ah, this one. This is (in my oh-so-terribly humble opinion) my masterwork. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I will have accomplished at least one outstanding work of print design. The culmination of ten years of work, at least three abandoned drafts and a last-minute conversion to GURPS 4th Edition. I'm very proud of this work, and wish to share it with you.

The Requiem of Katze Brenner, by Kat Templeton
This was my first real project using InDesign. The story itself is a piece of Jihad fiction, and in my not terribly humble opinion one of the better ones. I originally did this as a birthday present for the author (which explains some of the oddities about the attribution and the foreword) but decided that it's a nice enough design to warrant inclusion here.

The Jihad Universe 3.0 by the Jihad to Destroy Barney
One of my end goals for the JU3 campaign is to produce a perfect-bound copy of the completed story, and then get it autographed by all the authors. This is the result. Incomplete (but up to date with

Drunkard's Walk 2: Robot's Rules of Order by Robert M. Schroeck
This one's a bit of an experiment. Having succeeded in PDFing my own work, I decided to give a try at doing it to another long-form story. Bob's Drunkard's Walk stories is a longtime favorite fanfic series, and I figured what the hell. Since the author approved of the project, I'm going to put it up here for public consumption. Incomplete (only up to Chapter 10).

Fenspace Writer's Guide
Before FenWiki, the Fenspace writers needed something to collect and sort through all the ideas that the group kept coming up with. On a whim I volunteered to put together a shiny PDF starter's guide if somebody else would compile it. Somebody did, and I put my skills to use. Not long after this version was compiled we got FenWiki started, and this went into the obsolete file.